“I can’t kiss a neighbor,”

explained Miriam Bransky to Jerry Gilden, the childhood friend who lived next door.

It could have been the persistence of an aspiring young actor. Or a shared love for the arts that eventually led to a loophole in neighborhood code, a marriage of fifty-plus years, and a passion for painting together.

Gilden Art Shop features prints, original and commissioned paintings by Miriam Bransky-Gilden, Jerry Gilden and their daughter, Juliet Gilden.

The artwork is often a collaboration between the three.  

Juliet brings a free form and approachable style, Miriam, a classically trained hand for details, and Jerry, an analytical eye and subtle humor. They work in a variety of mediums, including acrylic, watercolor, and drawing.

Influenced by an eclectic and polar mix of styles  - surrealism to realism, Bottecelli to Botero - the artists’ find inspiration in a medley of subjects including nature, animals, religion, astrology, and fairy tales.

Mermaid 2004